CDT is in the headlights

So, one of my life goals is to hike the Continental Divide Trail. From the Mexican border to the Canadian Border. Even though I have been on parts of it through my life, seeing the trial in its entirety is definitely on my bucket list. The hardest part right now is finding the time to commit to 4-5 months.

Ideally, I would like to put together a group of maybe 4-5 people to accomplish these.  Others who are as committed and interested in the great outdoors as I am.  Of course, my trip would be more than just a casual hike, I want to turn it into a documentary. I need the world to see what nature holds.  I want people to see what lies beyond the city landscapes and daily hustle and bustle we all grow so accustomed to.

What lures to me to this adventure, simple, nature.

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