All about P.C.Hallberg,MBA

Well, I will try to make this short but informative. I’m originally from MN but reside in San Antonio now. I spent 20 years in the service and was medically retired in 2011 after sustaining back injuries while training. While in MN I enjoyed hockey, swimming, and just about anything outdoors. I was also an avid SCUBA diver. I probably have well over 75 dives.

My passion is to be free of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life but continue to be a productive part of society. I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean. Ideally, I would love to set sail on a lifetime voyage to sail the world and document every part of it for future generations to see. I want to explore the world and bring you along as a reader and viewer.

I like to write, however, lack some discipline in getting it done, hence this blog. I have written seven books. two published and five sitting on my hard drive. In my 49 years, I have completed 4 college degrees. My highest is an MBA. I’d consider another degree, Ph.D. or Jd, however, am more reluctant to begin then before. I’d instead dedicate my time to planning a world tour. That’s the main focus for the blog.

I’m also a diabetic and have been for only several years. So, this blog is also about documenting how I will not let this disease control my life. Among the listed disabilities in another post, diabetes seems to control much of my life. However, I will not succumb to diabetes

I have been married to my best friend for 28 years, and we have 3 children and 5 grand kids. However, life has prevented us from traveling to see them. Together my wife and I enjoy the great outdoors. However, I am little more accepting than she. We do appreciate good hikes at various places. We also enjoy a good hockey game at the local arena. U

Update on 3-14-2022

I hate to write this but as of 9-20-21 my loving wife passed away from COVID. A healthy and happy 48-year-old taken way to young. We had so many plans and now I’m trying to find the strength to compete them solo.


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