One day at a time

So it’s been a little over a year since my wife died. And honestly, each day is a damm struggle. I see so many things that do remind me of her. Currently, I am in OKC, we used to live here. The weather is foggy and rainy, her favorite.

What else sux is I’m not sure if I ever want to date again. I’ve dabbled in the pool the last month or so only to be treated by rejections. I’m either given the wrong number or the wrong name. One lady even told me she was too tired to dance. However, she stayed at the bar until it closed, as did I. Dating apps are a joke. All I meet on there are fake profiles. So I continue to work five days straight and than home on weekends. My only saving grave is seeing my kids and riding the Harley.

two weeks ago I did have the opportunity to attend the Lone Star Rally in Gavelston. For four days I forget about all my worries and troubles. And honestly, I was hoping to maybe find a woman there. But as usual… nothing. It was a weekend full of live music and beer. And of course bikers. Estimates say there were around 250,000 people there. I’ll admit I did have a good time. Got to see Wheeler Jennings and Kevin Fowler. And some others I can’t remember.

Today is turkey day and I’m sitting at a Flying J truck stop because my delivery location is closed. It’s gloomy and a light drizzle makes it just that much more depressing. I’m supposed to be heading back to SATX Friday after I offload my trailer. I’m sure I’ll be picking something up along the way.

People keep calling me strong. However, they don’t see what’s tearing me apart inside. I feel my existence is nearly convenience for people. I guess i’ll make the best of it and drive on. Or at least try to…

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