Seriously WTF

So, this will be a quick post. So, I arrived at a shipper later than my appt. No fault of mine. Dispatch sent me to pick up a new trailer and did not tell me it was new. So, I brought along an empty, standard. So, it made me use more hours on my driving clock. Anyhow, got to my next appt late and waited. initially was told I had to wait until 1400 to get loaded. I got here at 0930. No worries I get paid detention pay. 45 min passes and I am told to back into dock two. Now the strange part. They asked me to move another trailer into dock 1 because my load is on that trailer. It’s not our trailer. I said let me check, and he said I give you permission to move it. I’m like it’s not even your equipment. If I damage it who pays… me. I said where is your yard driver, oh he’s at lunch. It’s 1030. So, I talk to the head lady. Tell her I don’t feel comfortable moving another company’s trailer, and I get paid detention pay. So I’ll wait. Strangely the trailer moves very fast. That’s not the only dumb Mississippi thing. Yesterday I pulled into pickup an empty trailer. Told the guard who I was and what company and what trailer. She looks at me an says, you drive for Marten. My truck has a huge logo right on the side. No to forget I just told her. I could not resist, nope I drive for FedEx, just found this truck at a truck stop and though I try my luck here for an empty… Aside from the ignorance of some people driving down I-55 is quite beautiful. Until you get to Jackson. From here ill drive down to I-10 in Louisiana than over to Houston. Not my favorite stretch of I-10. Dirty and congested.

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