East TX

Driving is fun, well it can be. You see so much of the country. That is one reason I chose to drive OTR. I want to meet people, even though I really prefer being solo, and hearing stories. But recently I switched. However, I’m doing regional, covering only Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. I decided to switch to be able to spend more time with my children. And I continue to get some good rides in on the Harley. But being home was more important to me than anything. Paula always said family comes first. I second that. Even though sometimes I feel alienated out here on the road.

For the last two days, I went from San Antonio to Laredo then up to Dallas then 1.5 hours east. Now I’m heading to Kansas to drop off a load of water. Today has been an interesting day. Got a little lost coming up to east TX, during a thunderstorm. It was quite a spectacle. I have not seen that much rain or wind in months in Texas. I know Paula would have loved to see it. She always loved storms, no matter how large.

Unfourtantly when I arrived at the shipper the power was out, so I got delayed 2 hours. I was then added to a list to wait for a door. And that is where I am now, waiting. I did find out this shipper provides 2 cases of water for each driver. This is a first for me. I think it’s pretty thoughtful. Considering I’m hauling water from a large water bottler. However, some drivers took advantage of the generosity and walked away with 5+ cases. 

The countryside here in East Texas is very peaceful and green. The roads, on the other hand, are not so forgiving for a semi. But oh well I navigated it ok. And the lack of cell signal, not much fun when you must sit for hours.

Off to Kansas

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