Still moving

Sorry, it’s been a little since I last posted. My wife’s passing has been weighing heavy on me lately. Every day seems like an eternity. I seemed to have lost motivation in all I do. I seem to just exist

I’ve been to NY down to La back up to In. Seen some pretty country, but the point seems mute without my beloved wife. She would have been thrilled to see some of the rock formations I’ve seen along the way.

I’ve also been in some pretty interesting areas. One such was a little two-lane mountain road in lower NY state. I was sure id see a bigfoot jump out at me. Nope, however the beauty was just remarkable.

I can also add most of the interstate I’ve been on lately on the east coast have really sucked. many are so bumpy and just plain need to be torn out. Is it really hard to build, maintain and repair roads? Also saw a few serious accidents, hope people where ok.

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