Not just another day

So today is mothers day. Yes, I was able to find time while on the road to say hello to mom. But the hard part was not getting up this morning saying hello and Happy Mothers day to Paula. And I know the kids felt the same. For them, it’s been a hard last 7 months. I see it in their social media post, when I talk to them and how they act. Grief hits people in different ways.

I will never get over the grief, however. I know Paula would want me to continue our dreams. Every day I do that. In the last few days, I have been to places we went to before. I can almost remember exactly what we did there. I have passed signs on the road that we both have commented on. Small things that will be in my memory forever. What I’m thankful for are all the good memories she left me with.

Paula was a kind, sweet and compassionate person. I don’t think she had an ounce of hate in her. She always had a positive outlook and always had a smile.

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