Finally out of the East

Yes!!! I just finished a 2200-mile journey to Barstow CA. It sure was and is nice just to get away from the East. However, I still dislike CA. The drive from Alabama to CA was long and some parts pretty boring However the worst part was the wind. All the way from OK to CA along i-40. Most ties it was gusting around 45-50mph.

The one part I do like is the mountains in eastern CA. And there is so much vast land pretty much from OK to Barstow.

Since my DOT clock ran out I had to swap loads for an empty trailer and now I sit at a Flying J waiting for my tomorrow. The temp here has been quite nice, around 65 and sunny. And contrary to what I just said, the wind has finally subsited.

Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see where we are going…

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