It’s all about patience…sometimes

Well, I have not been anywhere today. I stayed in Jacksonville for a few extra hours just to get caught up on laundry and to eat. I planned to leave around 0900 or 1000 at the latest. Now it’s 1600 and I’m still here. was told a drive was to bring a trailer to e from just 30 miles away. Ironically the same place I was at just yesterday. However, they are still loading the trailer. But they want to have it delivered on time. This is one part of the job that really makes me upset. People have no sense of time. Yesterday when I was there the yard individual said it would take a least a day to unload the trailer I had brought in. So this waiting is I guess no surprise to me.

Paula would always let me vent on issues like this. And would give me a sense of calmness. It helped with the anxiety. So now I have to learn to deal with all alone. I have been noticing that I have begun to show more of my smart ass off to people who have been pissing me off. I guess I’m tired of people walking over me and not listening.

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