What a week…

Well, the first week back after the tooth pulled and DOT exam has been extremely busy. I have traveled everywhere from TX to OK, KS, NE, MO, TN, GA, AL, and MS. Been away from many major cities with the exception of Atlanta, my least favorite place. TX in nothing new, straight up 35 through OK. NE was a little different. Got to see some back country roads and smaller towns, which I like. Headed down to TN from NE. Was hoping to see more of the Smokies, but was not impressed with what I did see. Just some large hills. Maybe one day ill get to actually see them.

Atlanta was my next stop. I hate this place. Since I had arrived a day early I was gonna stay at a truck stop. The first one wanted to charge me 25$ however they where all full. Tried another place just outside the city, 20$ and full. So I thought I would try further out. 30 miles and it was full. Wheat really pissed my off was the other place at the same exit had spots but the where all blocked off. So I stayed on the on ramp for the night. My TN drop left me with 8 boxes of damaged product so I had to drop them off at another place. And of course my GPS did not take me there so elected to use my phone. Which of course does not route for truck traffic. So it keep bringing me to restricted routes. Needless to say my stress level was through the roof. When I finally did make it out of the city I was off to a small town in GA. Got there 5 hours early but they still took 4 hours to load. And I caused my clock to nearly expire. So headingto MS I stayed at rest area. I can say though the first rest area just over the border in AL from Ga is one of the best. Large and clean with able parking.

Headede to one of my least favorite place also, MS. The roads are herandous. Pot holes the size of craters. But made it to my drop safely and picked up another load for Jacksonville. And here is where Im taking a break for a day. Been go go for 8 days now. Just need time to recharge.

Been having a few bad days thining about Paula. I went through a small town where her andd I spent the night. Today FB showed a memory where she was all excited about the little 12V stove we bought. I sure miss her cooking. No, I sure miss her.

Have had decent weather so far. Just a little rain today, just enough to wash my truck. Been around 90 degrees the last few days. Well till next time, keep the wheels moving.

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