Still home…not by choice

Well, I’ve been home a week now. I only planned for a week. However, trying to get my DOT exam renewed has caused me some hiccups. Being a diabetic is not easy. And having a CDL makes it even harder. During my exam, my sugar was 145 so they wanted me to provide a current doctor exam with my primary and they also wanted me to provide an eye exam. So I was able to compete the eye portion today and of course, all is well. Just now I need to have my dr try and squeeze me in. Her next appointment is not until Monday. But she can usually get me in.

The good part of this is I have gotten a lot of wind therapy and more time with the kids. I know they enjoy it as much as I do. Besides the medical portion, it’s also bad being home so long because money doesn’t grow on trees. So for me, I just sit at the house and watch some tv.

For me, I did finally get a tattoo for my wife. Her name above a feather with her dates and then below the feather is I Love you in Cherokee. I turned out better than I had envisioned.

Gonna be short today, just trying to keep updated. I do miss my wife everyday and even the smallest things have been setting me off. I’m doing the best I can, but damm it’s so hard.

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