Finally some hometime

Well after 30+ days finally made it back to town for a few days off. I prefer to spend a month out at a time. This way I can take 4 days off rather than 2. But this hometime isn’t all fun and games. I got to start by getting a tooth pulled. It’s been cracked for a week or so. The pain has been beyond horrible. And I didn’t want to find a dentist while out on the road. I prefer to have my own here in town. I also have to take meshi, my cat, in for a yearly checkup. I think I’m gonna try and bring her along. The last month has been really hard for me emotionally. So many memories flood my day.

The last week I’ve been from PA to MI to AR to MS then TX. Hit a snowstorm again in PA while going through the hills. It sure made the drive longer. I was only going about 40mph. Hit strong winds than in OH and MI. and by strong, I’m talking 50mph+ Going through Ar and MS was ok. The route I was on sure had lots of run-down homes. However, each one had some really nice cars. The landscape in parts of AR, MS, and even LA was quite peaceful. I have to say however some of the roads I don’t think have been attended to since the early 80s. They where jump horrible

I spent most of the days driving reliving old memories of Paula. They bring a smile to my face. Had to stop at a few places we had been to before. Even had dinner at a Dennys we both where at. I could only picture her sittingin the booth laughing at all my dumb jokes. The few months we had spent on the road I saw here the happiest ive seen her. She was always smilling, or dancing in her seat. Im thankful I have 28 years of memories with her. Every once in a while I sit in the sleeper and my emotions get the best of me. Im learning to make it.

Well after this load i s unloaded im gonna head over to the kids place and try to find a dentist. i also hope I can get some much needed wind theropy while here.

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