Yup still stressed

So even the last few days I’m pretty sure my wife is speaking to me. Why you ask, well… The load I pickup in Dodge City KS was wrong, to begin with. They sent me the wrong load number, the right shipper. I wasted 2 hours looking for a load that did not exist. Well, it was picked up the day prior. Finally got my correct load and when I arrived at my first fuel location, parking was a bitch. So, I stopped. Planned the next phase out it looked like I would make it to my final destination late. And I still had one more fuel stop.

The second day I drove about 650 miles to stop 2. I had 15 minutes left on my day clock. So parked and was doing the route calculations. I would not be able to leave until 0400 and my load was due in PA at 0430. So, I called the weekend dispatcher. Explained my situation and where I was and his first comment was, Oh your card is open fuel up. I’m like I have a full tank of fuel. I’m not going to make the appt on time. His next comment was, OK where you at. We will arrange a split. So I waited for about an hour and nothing. So I called back. Again the same dispatcher, and explained it all again. His last comment was, well if things change, let us know. I’m like, what’s going to change. I can’t go anywhere, I have no time left. He said roll with it and keep us informed.

So, I was rolling by 0415. The last 4 hours probably took more like 6. Between road construction, winter weather, and most of the way through PA I could only do 45 mph due to road conditions. And in PA alone I dealt with 4 major accidents. So more slow down. Needless to say, I made it to my destination around 1000. LATE and they turned me away. Even after I tried to explain how most of the trip had gone.

So here I sit it BFE at a truck stop. Out of time on my clock, with a full load. I called again as soon as they turned me away and the day dispatch said he would get things moving. That was around 1030am, here it is 1915. I have no time on the clock and none coming back tomorrow. It’s snowing, cold and I’m pissed.

Indiana roads I’m pretty sure they build from Legos. As they are so rough and bumpy. Ohio roads were ok. Then came into West Virginia and West PA. Road construction is everywhere. I’m beginning to really hate the color orange.

On the plus side, even with the delays in PA, the landscape was pretty outstanding. Beautiful hills and even snow made it more serene. And I say BFE but the town I’m in is sort of in a valley between many large hills. It would be someplace I would consider exploring further on the bike. Of course, in warmer weather. And the truck stop I’m at has free Wi-Fi, so I sit inside while I can eat a somewhat homecooked meal. They have a little grill.

I wait…

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