Tough Week

Sorry I’ve been out of touch the last few days, but as the title suggest, it’s been a rough week. It started las weekend in Dallas. Had an appt and dispatch tells me to show up early and they might honor it. Well, I sat there for 18 hours. Finally left for Logmount Co early Sunday. Then get caught in a winter blizzard in northern TX. White out conditions and extreme high winds. Sat another 18 hours in a town with the population ok just over 2000. Lucky I was at a Pilot. So had food and restrooms. Then drove just outside my appt. Had to stop due to high winds again. When I was finally able to roll, missed my 2200 appt by 1 hour. They told me they could not unload my truck because it was too heavy. So, I had to reschedule for the next night. They didn’t accept inbound during the days. So back down the road about 3 miles to park for another 12+ hours.

After Logmount was sent to Dodge City KS. Got there and the load was not ready. Drove to the nearest Pilot. As soon as I get parked get a message from dispatch, load ready. Drove back and was given a trailer umber. However, trailer was nowhere on lot. Went to inquire and was informed that that trailer left yesterday. Called dispatch and found out I had been given the wrong order. New order was given, and trailer found. After wasting about 2 hours there, finally hit the road. One my way to Pa. 3-day trip.

On top off all that, dealing with a massive headache and neck pain. And to close it all out, found out a dear friend passed yesterday.

Despite all the stress, I keep trucking and moving forward. I have goals that Paula and I have planned out and for her memory, I need to keep moving. Some days are really hard. Like days where her and I have been and have memories.

The last week I’ve been to TX, CO, KS, MO. And will be going to IN, OH, and Pa. So far, the weather the last two days has been good, and it looks like clear sailing the next few. But I won’t hold my breath.

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