East coast

Well, it’s not surprise I’m no fan of the east coast. To many people, who are rude and self centered. But there are a few exceptions. yesterday I left the Flying J and traveled some back roads to I81. I was heading to Upstate PA. Unfortunately it was late at night so I was unable to see the landscape. But on the same token, it was good driving for the semi. Some of the towns I went through were so compact, I felt like i was driving in someone’s living room. I ended up staying outside my destination until 0800. Once I left I had to traverse back the same way i came. but this time had to deal with morning traffic. What a bitch. However I was also able to see some amazing landscape along I81 south into the Shenandoah Valley. Someday I would like to revisit this area only on the Harley.

I will say for starters, stay off the interstate if you’re just visiting. Traffic is horrendous. And driving the rig is even worse. Every truck stop is full by 3pm. Which is actually fine because I prefer to stay at rest areas. Especially when I’m surrounded by mountains. Something Paula and I loved to do. It was more peaceful. We only tried to find parking at truck stops when we needed them i.e., showers, laundry, food etc. But since I’m good on all that. Rest area will do. The one I was fortunate to find only had room for maybe 15 large trucks. So perfect, well except it is right on the interstate. But if I play music loud enough, I can drown out the noise.

The mountains I will call them are just beautiful. I would love to further explore them one day on the Harley. Guess I’ll had it to my trip plan.

Looking over Scranton PA

Along I81 South in VA

Don’t be this guy.

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