So out of touch with reality

Ever since my wife passed, I have let everything go to hell. My health. I forgot I had diabetes; my blood sugars are nearing 350 daily. I finally reached out to my dietician and asked some advice. I have cut sugar from my diet and doubled if not tripled my water consumption. Showers, when I have the chance, I might take it. It has been a little rough on the road though. I did go for a short walk today around the parking area. I’m just not feeling myself lately. They say it comes with grief. Well, combine that with anxiety and depression and I feel like a ticking time bomb.

I have been in Frystown, PA for my 34-hour reset. The town I actually down the road so I’m parked the Flying J. Not a lot here to do. I did get some needed rest. A movie or two. And just reflecting. Oh, I and also added Harley parts to my list of things to buy. I can’t wait for the day where a schedule becomes a thing of the past and I can take the road by Suprise and feel the wind in my hair. Thats what I’m working for.

There is still plenty of snow on the ground today the temp is already at 45. So just making a huge mess. One thing I don’t miss about winter. However, I enjoy the snow on freshly fallen trees as it decorates, the landscape. And every here and there you see a stream wondering its way through the countryside. I’m not a huge fan of the east bit parts are bearable.

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