New Adventure

With the passing of my wife, my life has changed. Changed a lot. And seriously it will never be the same. Paula was my soul mate. She meant the world to me. One thing we talked about was would you ever remarry if one died. With a pronounced NO, Paula was very definitive with this. She would ask me than I would always say never, and I always meant it. As a matter of fact, when we first got married I told her I would only marry one person.

However, with all the grieving I have done over the last few months, and by no means is the grieving process over or easy. But recently an old friend introduced me to a book by the late Neil Peart of Rush. Ghost Rider. This book has opened my eyes. Neil lost his 19 Daughter in a single car accident and then a year later he lost his wife. So in order to cope with the tragedies, he packed his motorcycle and began a journey across Canada and the US. Along the way he journaled his experience and then eventually wrote a book. So this is my plan.

I’m currently looking upgrading my Softtail to a little bigger bike. My bike currently has no storage or windshield. I need something I can carry items on and the windshield to helpreduce the fatigue.

So prepare for the journey. You will be able to follow along here and I will occasionally broadcast live feeds to my Facebook page. Ill post a link in my next post.

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