A love story cut short

This is one post I have put off writing. After being on life support for 36 days, my wife of 28 years passed away. It was the hardest day of my life. And every day this far has been harder and harder. Grieving is a process I have never allowed myself to understand. I find myself constantly looking for her. In the car, at the table, even walking around the house.

I gave not touched any of her stuff since that dreadful day. With the expectation of a few articles of clothing, everything I the way she left it. I did give our youngest daughter a few of her sweatshirt. And when our eldest comes out, I will allow both them have what they want.

Honestly, ,this really sucks. She was perfectly health. Myself however have a variety of health issues. But she had to go. I’ll never understand why.

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