Still trucking.. sort of

As we near the end of the third month, things are still awesome. We have seen so much of the country, from mall little towns to some large cities. From major interstates to 2 lane highways. The four-lane divided is still my favorite. Most are relatively smooth some pretty neat sights to see along the way.

This month however we can’t seem to leave the Midwest states. and have been inundated with strong storms and hot days. The rain is a welcome relief to the heat.

Unfortunately the past few days we have been held up in a hotel. The truck needs a new instrument cluster as the air indicator stopped working. Not good for a CMV. So we wait patiently for the part to come in. We are in a town in west-central Illinois where there is not much to do. Even the pool is still closed here.

I did however find out the town we are in holds a federal prison. The prison that Timothy McVeigh was but to death. I guess that’s always good to know…

The country is full of so many things to see. What intrigues me the most is the small towns in the middle of no where surrounded by old decrypted buildings. Barns, homes, old businesses etc. The stories they could tell, I would be inclined to sit and listen for hours.

Well hopefully Monday brings good news for our part. Its been a week since we have been here. It would be nice to be back on the road. All I can do is go with the flow and keep my fingers crossed.

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