2nd month out

Well, we left on 4 May and have been on the road for 7 days. When we left we headed to Laredo and then headed west to California. I have never traveled that close to the border. However I have been across the border. The two lane road from Laredo to Ft Stockton was long and winding. The population was sparse at best. There was not much to see other than vast fields an large canyons. Its hard to describe other than beautiful. The drive was also peaceful.

Driving from Ft Stockton pretty much to Yuma AZ, well no much to see. Its all bare and dry. And windy. Some gust really moved the truck.

Somewhere on I-10 West

We had to go to San Diego. I’m not a fan of large cities, but parts of the drive there where nice. For starters, the mountains you have to traverse. They were not as majestic as the Rockies but where still stunning. Some of the bridges crossed over extremely tall canyons. not for the faint of heart. In the city itself it was nice to see the flowering tree and flowers in full bloom. But the traffic and drives, that’s a chore.

Are trip than took us north to Oregon. Driving through California takes more than one day when driving north. Most of the trip out of Los Angles is nothing but fields and fields of fruit or nut trees. But once you get past that around Redding, the mountains again are majestic. More vegetation and water. Prefect Big Foot country. One day I would come back to explore the area.

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of the trip…

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