Last full day of reset

Well the reset is coming to a close. For those unfamiliar with this term, all truckers must take a mandatory 34 reset after working 70 hours. This is governed by the federal government.

So today I was able to get any laundry done, get a few needed supplies and than relax. However, the hotel of choice is not all that relaxing. I mean you walk outside and the grounds are full of trash. The buildings are run done. I leaned against a pillar while I was waiting for laundry and the dam thing moved. I mean the base was not attached to the ground. Yesterday while walking outside, I ran into a homeless man shopping in the snack machine. He must have had 10 or 11 things of food lying on the ground while he purchased more. At least he was eating.

There is not much to walk to around here and given the fact the high was 29 with a strong breeze, I would not have walked far. But I did walk to the gas station a block down. Funny thing is there is a full service car wash across the street, in full operation. All the employees are wearing winter clothes and here I strut around in a flannel. Oh well..

Monday we are due to drop this trailer off in NJ right down the road, about 40 miles and than wait for the next job.

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