First 34 hour reset

Well spent 4 days on the road, seen 6 states quit the adventure. However here I am doing a reset in Spring Valley NY. About 30 min from NYC. Its a long awaited break from Ali Abu Bu. All I hear for the last 4 day way click, click, from him. I asked what language he spoke, his reply, its a combo of 10 different languages My luck. And to make it worse, he yells into the phone and uses every possible hand movement known by man.

I’m here until Monday when we need to drop the trailer in NJ. What to do… I guess explore, when in Rome, do as the Roman. The cool thing, no pun intended, is the weather is to my liking. A soothing 32 degrees, and some snow on the ground. Its kind of nostalgic to see people walking around with winter jackets, hats and gloves. And here I am with a pull over.

The road has been very amazing. Three days and I have seen so much. I still need to perfect my backing but overall, its quite the adventure. Handling the tractor on the freeway only comes easy to me. Heck even the city streets are second nature.

Just a short note before I retire for the night. More to come

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