Life on thee road continued.

Well, after only 5 days its time to do some wash, and I have not done wash for years. Cant be that hard, Need clean clothes and don’t want to be in the truck with my trainer with dirty clothes. I only hope they have the same priorities. Isn’t gonna ride with some stinky ass.

Hopping Monday I do get assigned a trainer, I really cant sit around any longer. Stuck in a motel room, so dam boring. An I though Covid was bad, ya not. Plus they got us in a not so good part of Laredo and only 3 blocks or so from the US-Mexico border. Not that I have any desire to go there. Shit I can just walk to the local gas station and get all the Spanish influence I need. Not to mention San Antonio isn’t lacking any. Oh well.

I do miss the family, but I will get to see them soon. Plus the wife will be riding along with me. We believe this sis the smartest choice while we find a forever area in the country and hopefully build a home.

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