Life of a trucker

Well here I sit in Laredo TX. Just finished my orientation course with my new company. Now I sit and wait for a trainer to be assigned to me. Then its some windshield time, I’m looking forward to learning, just not spending 1 or 2 weeks on the road with a complete stranger. Rather have my wife with me. Since the original plan was to see the US by RV. But since that “fell” through this is Plan B.

I’ve also learned I do not like driving Freightliner or Volvo. I’m crossing my fingers I get a Kenworth. It has always been my favorite truck since I knew what a truck was.

I have had a great experience with my teachers where I am currently training, great group of guys. Have learned a lot and hope to be able to apply it to the road in the future.

BUT Laredo, what hell hole. Very dirty, looks almost run down in some parts, well at least the parts I have seen. And I’m only about a stones throw from the border. And I have no desire to go that way. Been there done that.

Have also meet some other truckers, both seasoned and newbies. Pretty interesting talking to both of them Some pretty cool stories from both spectrums. Well off to prepare for Sunday..

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