Life is about change

So I realized its been sometime since I have added to my blog. Between the health epidemic and life, it just got away from me. As a matter of fact, have nit even been on the trail since last spring. I have completely social distance myself from people, just no risk in attracting this virus. However, I have made some choices in the last few months that will impact my future. After being laid off from my IT position, I realized it was for the better, I just don’t get along with people. So I sat long and hard and though on my life. And it suddenly came to me. I’m going to reenter the commercial driving sector. Since the plan was to tour the US in an RV with my wife, now we will tour the US in a truck nd still get paid.

I can continue to review places we go, which is the entire point of this blog. I have already been pre-hired conditionally on completing my CDL. Get to pick my own route and also bring my wife with. I figure if we can save the monthly income from this and live off my VA check, in the near future we can build our forever home.

I will do a better job of staying updated here as well as my YouTube channel.

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