Guess what… still hot

Well time has gotten the better of me.  Yes, its been several weeks since I have had a post on here.  Had the back surgery one month ago and still having severe leg pain.  It feels like a knife is being jabbed in my leg.  The sensitivity to the thigh is well over normal. On top of that, the meds I use for PTSD have lapsed and will take about a week to get here via snail mail.  The side effects of not taking them, ever have that head rush when you stand to fast.  Well, every move I make seems to intensify the feeling.  I just want to lie and close my eyes and not move. 

So recently I took my compound bow into the shop to be restrung.  Its been well over 15 years since I have pulled it back. After putting new strings, new d-loop, and some new arrows.  I thought I would give it a test.  Yaw, my back is not ready for the draw. After only 20 arrows, my back said no more.  Oh well I will have to wait a little bit longer.

So as the weather continues to stay warm here in south TX, I long for cooler days so I can hit the trail. As many have read, Colorado is my dream place to reside. I long for the mountains, snow, and never-ending views. And of course, nature.  Even though I do not see us settling down there, with an RV, trips to the stay will not be out of the question. Obviously only during months when the temp is not freezing or to hot.

So, nighttime after work is usually me reading about cyber security and trying to learn to things.  Weekends, pretty much the same right now. Hopefully, next month things start to cool off so we can get out and do some hiking and exploration of TX and beyond… Stay tuned.

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