28 June 2020

So here it is 28 June 2020, and it seems like the world has gone to hell and a handbasket. I have been home since around March 15th or so. Now do not get me wrong, working from home has been amazing.  I mean no commute, no traffic, not people.  However, it is hard to get outside to enjoy the sights of nature, And I am beginning to miss nature.  And the more I watch it on TV, well, the more I miss it. 

And today was just one of those days.  Spent the day listening to old 80s tracks and it got me thinking, what if… 

What if I had not joined the Army and went straight to college. Or took time off to travel the world. I always envisioned myself living on a boat sailing the islands.  

And let not forget the recent riots and uproars happening in the country right now. I must premise this with the fact that what did happen was in fact a travesty. And the police officer should fully be punished by the law.  However, rioting that is leading to violence, looting, and plain vandalism is not acceptable.  Seriously, we all have red blood and breath the same air, why all the hate? My philosophy has been, treat me well and I will do the same to you. If you do not like me, I do not mind.  There are more than enough people in the world.  Shit, I cannot please everyone. But why does it matter, I do not like people anyway? In 47 years, people I have learned do not genuinely care. Their own agenda is what is first and foremost and if you do not fit the narrative, well your out of luck.

Growing up I was a kind and caring individual.  I tried to help those who in fact needed help. Guess you good say I was green around the ears.  Always giving into people, thinking it was for the best.  However, in the end, it was I who got the shaft.

I still enjoy speaking to people and learning from them, it is just I guess I am a little more stand offish nowadays. 

As I sit here and reflect on the day, the sun slowly sets, and the wind is a slight breeze. I can only wish it were a tropical breeze filled with happiness and laughter. Keeping in rhythm as the hull of a boat rocks to the gentle waves someday…someday.  Maybe just maybe when the sun rises Monday the day will start off in a positive way.

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