Just a Sunday stroll

Todays hiked Eisenhower park, right outside Camp Bullis, just outside of the city limits.  I was a little surprised at the lack out people on such a fine day. The temp was right around 90, not my favorite, but with the light breeze, it was nice. The park Is not exceptionally large but there is an abundant of trails.  I will caution you though, there is lots of elevation change and many of the trails are unpaved. So be prepared. However, our small little group of 6 ended doing right around 2 miles.

The scenery was typical south Texas, cedar, and cactus. A few large open fields to take in the abundance of nature. And of course, your reward at the top is a breathtaking view of San Antonio. There used to be a large observation tower there, but it seems to have been removed.

I would recommend this park for a quick hike or just a leisure stroll.  It is not difficult if you stay on the paved trails and even if you venture of the trails to the gravel, still not that hard. Take the family or a loved one.

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