Port A

Well this past weekend we decided to ‘sneak’ out of the house.  We ventured to Port A.  And I must say it was a much-needed trip.  However, the drive there seemed a little bit longer than usual.  2.5 hours and then maybe a 45 min wait to get the ferry across.  Once one the island it was straight to the beach.  I must be honest though; this was the first I time I have ever seen it that busy.  I entered the beach near the port and probably drove for 5 min before I was able to find a location to park.  It is probably safe to say though that the lack of space was people making space. You know the whole social distance rule.

The weather as perfect.  Sunny, not a cloud in the sky and a nice ocean breeze. I spent the first hour or so with the metal detector, as always. And of course, found nothing other than trash. it also gave me the opportunity to try out the new GoPro 8. Nice little toy, expect to see more on my YouTube Channel.   My wife and daughter made a coupe trips into the water.  The waves were small and the water chilly. But they still had fun.  After a few hours on the beach they wanted to hit the usual shops.

Nothing has changed with the shops.  Still sell the same tourist things, but its fun to go anyway.  I think it is the smell of surf wax that always lures me in. After a few shops we drove around for a few looking for a lace to eat. This time it was MacDaddy’s. A local BBQ joints. 

After a 30 min wait, we were texted it was time to be seated.  I guess I expected little bit more.  The service was mediocre at best.  However, the food, 2 out of 5 stars.  My daughter wanted a burger, they were out.  I wanted brisket; they were out.  When our food finally did come, the chicken seemed under cooked.  When I asked the staff, their reply was “that’s how its smoked”. Well needless to say I left with a stomachache. Will I be back, probably not.

Ask we prepared to depart we made one last stop to the marina to see the boats.  That is always a plus for me.  Then it was another 45 min wait to be ferried across the channel.  Overall, the visit was good. I will keep going back.

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