Still stuck inside

So, what are you doing to entertain yourself during this lockdown? Ever see the picture of cabin asking if you could stay here for a million dollars with no internet?  I’m pretty sure that I could do, as long as I can get out. I don’t like being held captive. Now I know I would survive in prison, at all.

In the past 3 weeks I have read over 10 boos. Many relating to big foot.  I can’t count how many movies I have watched.  And of course, still can work from home 40 hours a week. I have also continued my 2nd book of thee Renegade Trapper series and added to my military autobiography.

Also, I have been continuing my reading on the mythological creature big foot.  I’m so caught up in his alure to mankind I can’t stop thinking about it Though I have never seen one personally, I have heard I many stories.  Someday I might have the opportunity to see it.

I long for the outdoors.  To be one with nature.  To enjoy the sounds of peace and tranquility.  To feel the wind gently blow.  Being cooped up is taking its toll on my psyche. Having spent most of my life in the great outdoors, I know now I would never survive an indoor job.  Oh, wait I have one I absolutely love.  That is why I long for weekends.

Well this shall pass in due time. I need to just weather the storm. 

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