The Unknown

Do you believe?  In what you ask, well paranormal activity, bigfoot, UFO’s and all the other strange unexplained things.  Well I have my opinion of sorts.  I do believe in bigfoot; however, I have never seen the creature myself. Over the years I continue to educate myself on bigfoot.  However, the others, I have my doubts.

Ghost, I’m on the fence on this topic. Sure, our bodies are made of energy, and when we pass this energy goes or does something. Does it produce ghost or other paranormal related activity? One story I have never told anyone except my own family was an experience I had in elementary school.

It happened when I was in 3rd or 4th grade.  On several occasions I would be awoken early in the morning by a sense that something was watching me. When I would look toward the end of my bed a figure would be standing there staring at me.  This figure was a full body with no face.  It would usually stay for few moments than disappear. After a few occasions I told my parents who attribute it to nothing more than a bad nightmare.  After a few weeks I never did encounter it again.  This was one of my two experiences. 

The other was a few years later, probably 6th grade.  I was spending the night at my grandparents home not far away from me.  My uncle who is 4 years older than me decided to try to speak to the dead.  So, we performed a séance.  We sat it my grandparents formal dining room with some candles and the light son low.  After several attempts to speak to anyone, we finally gave up. It wasn’t until a few hours later, early in the morning that we had realized we did in fact speak to someone.  Sound asleep everyone in the home was awoke to every light being turned on at once.  The house had over 100 lights inside and out. The weather that night was normal.  All we could attribute it to be our previous activity.

I am fascinated however with Bigfoot. I read the encounters; I see physical evidence. I am more than convinced they are in fact real.  Now I just need to see it to solidify my beliefs. More ever than ever, I need to preserve what I see by getting the creature on video. Actual footage not made up crap.  With some many hoaxes out there, I hard for anyone to firmly believe anything anymore. And these dam reality shows make it even worse.  I will continue my quest until I can show the world there is a creature that lurks among us, that is in fact real.

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