Still more Bigfoot

So, the last few days have been a bit stressful, with the wife out of surgery, so in order to help alleviate stress, I continue to read on the mysterious bigfoot.  I have found this interesting series by Tim Lyons.  He takes individual encounters and compiled them into 11 books.  Each book has 8 different account written by the person who had the encounter. I highly recommended if you’re on the fence.

I have always had the conception that Bigfoot was a very elusive and shy creature.  However, after reading these stories, that is a huge misconception.  I have read stories from people being taunted inside RV’s, homes, tents and even watercraft. Even though some of these stories are indeed frightening, it still doesn’t and won’t deter me from the lure of nature.  

As I have allured to in previous post, I personally have never seen this creature but someday I hope to. With that being said, I am well prepared to record any encounter.  With my dash cam mounted in both the front and rear, I’m prepared while driving. And when away from the car, video capabilities are not far away.  I will/want to prove existence.  I have even armed my arsenal with a video capability drone. 

I have also been updating my Bigfoot map on Google.  Trying to narrow down the best place to have an encounter. On that note, the most shocking place I’ve discovered is north of Chicago in a suburb.  Have you had an encounter? I would love to hear about it…

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