TX Gulf

Well yes it has been a few moons since I’ve gotten a good post out. Been busy as anyone else. However through the busy days, we did get a chance to visit Galveston TX. And its not what I expected.

First the drive there I decided to cut through TX, rather than stay on the interstate. Sure! We saw parts of TX I did not knew exist. The only good part was the lack of people. Well, until we reached our first city. Surf City or some name like that. What a dump. We headed for 45 min on a little two lane road to Galveston. There was nothing exciting to see. As a matter of fact the fog was so thick we could not see anything. There is a small toll along the way, two dollars.

Once in Galveston the landscape did improve. The beach to our right and to the left, houses and resorts in abundance. We stopped at one surf shop just to take in the local scene. After that across the street to the gulf. From what we could see, the waves were calm and the beach was relatively clean. I was able to dig the metal detector out and do a little beach hunting. Only to find bottle caps and trash.

Apparently it was also Mardi Gras the same weekend. We however, were fortunate enough to miss it. Would I venture back to Galveston? Highly doubt it. Just not my type of scene or crowd. Guess spending time in the Caribbean I got spoiled.

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