Phil Hardberger Park Hike

What a wonderful day for a hike here in Texas. The weather was perfect. Temp hoovering right around 70 with a slight breeze. I joined an old friend on short hike. It’s the first one since my back surgery. It was nice to get out and spend time in nature. We even had the opportunity for a little geocaching. We were able to find one. So the park is donated land. years ago its used to be a dairy farm. A farm that had been in the family for over 100 years. And the name I hear is named after an old mayor. Not sure exactly how big it is, but the have a little bit of everything. A playground, fields for sports, courts for basketball and plenty of benches nd BBQ. And speaking of BBQ, you sure could smell it in the air.

The trails are flat and even a few of them are concrete. Tree cover is beyond adequate. For those hot summer days. At least the sun wont be beating on your melon. the park it self sits right in the middle of several neighborhoods.

So if your from San Antonio or just in for a visit. This park is a wonderful place to spend quality family time together. It convenient to most major roadways. Easy to find. The only suggestion I have is get there early parking can be a bit tricky. But over all it worth it.

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