La Grange TX

So we made it to La Grange TX. A small little community hidden back in the hills. One of the first things I noticed was the historic buildings. The court house was very old and from the look of it proballly haunted. The feeling I get from the aumbiance I a sense of nastalga. It sort of reminds me f my home town of Hatins, MN.

A small downtown centered around the old court house. All the buildings were old and rustic. However, take a right turn on the main and the city is different, It has newer buildings and more up to date stores.

There is a small park on one side of town dedicated to a former resident and another park opposite. However you habe to drive through the cemetary area of town.

If I could have had the opportunity to walk the older side I’m sure the buildings would tell me a history you probably could not find in books.

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