I 10 East

So today my daughter and I took a short road trip on I 10 east to small little town. Originally she wanted to drive her self, however I wanted to see how she handled the traffic and driving through San Antonio, Well so far she has been doing great. As far as the trip, TX has some unique sites to see along the way. Its pretty flat over hear with a few small sparsely scattered towns along the way. Its actually very nice. Not to many people. My kind of area. I bet there are some good stories hidden in the land around here. I would find it quite interesting to spend time and just discover what’s “hidden” in the history.

I have a thing for road trips. I would rather see the country than fly. Further more, I find it quite relaxing to travel smaller roads on my adventures. This way I can go though smaller towns and villages to find hidden gems.

So far all we have seen is large warehouse’s and farm land. But the country side is very beautiful. I only imagine as we get closer to Houston all this will change. Luckily we are not going that far.

More to come…

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