Finally back to work

So, after 2 long months of agonizing pain, its back to work. It would have been more um, exciting if there was not so much pain. Since the surgery my back feels almost like new. However, I still have numbness in my tight and calve. The surgeon says it’s the nerves trying to get back to normal. I do have a follow up the first week in Jan. Right now, I’m waiting for the steroid injection to wear off. It has caused my sugar leaves to be all over the place. The Dr said it should take a few weeks. I can honestly say the pain I felt in my back was the worst I have ever felt.  It made me unable to move. With nine trips to the ER, a week in the hospital and then surgery, I’m glad I did it. I guess I out it off for 10 years because of the “horror” stories I’ve heard. I am planning on returning to hiking and mountaineering as soon as possible.

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