Well enough is enough.

So last night was another ER trip. That makes five in the last three weeks.
One more I should get a free gold IV bag, ha-ha. It all started with the back. I
know I have a bulging disk pushing on my sciatic nerve. Well a week ago I got a
steroid shot in the spine. That helped with the pain. Unfortunately, it caused
a second problem. My leg began to freaking hurt. I began physical therapy.
hoping it would help with the pain. Over the last week it only got worse. And
last night while trying to walk, my leg froze, and I fell. So today we are on
the phone trying to get into my surgeon faster. He gave me more steroids in the
meantime to help with inflammation. The only issue is steroids cause my blood
sugar to rise really fast due to my diabetes. It’s a rock and hard place.

So today I lie in bed taking valium for muscle cramps and necro for pain. It
sorts of helps. I can feel the disk that is out. If I apply some light pressure,
it seems to help. I don’t like the thought of surgery. I have some reservations
about surgery.


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