Well, I’ve been out of the hospital for a week now and what’s improved? That’s the question huh. My back is not as severe as before however, all the pain has shifted to my left leg. 10 fold. The thought of walking freaking scares me. Knowing the level of pain I’m about to endure when walking has gotten worse. In short, I don’t want to walk. Right now ill avoid ALL un-necessary walking. And even with a cane, ya still no relief. And speaking of relief, even the codeine is worthless. Been to the ER again. Of course they cant do much but give me some stronger pain killer. And of cours documentation for my VA file.

Today however was much better. Had my first bout of physical therapoy. The Dr said my sciatic was being pinchd. Most of my lower back was out of wack. He taught me a few good stretches and the a nice ice and electric schock theropy. Of course I use my own TENS unit almost daily. This machince has worked wonders. Stimuating the muscles, it does give grea relief.

Mr. Dr wants 12 session from me, we shall see how it goes. I had 30 days while on active duty, and did not see much of a relief. but that was 10 years ago, so I’ll try anything.

One thought on “Soooo….

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