What to do?

Well, I made I through the hospital but to what end? I’m still in pain. The backpain has subsided however a entire new pain has surfaced. Leg pain. The last 72 hours have been brutal to say the least. It hurts to put any pressure on the left leg. The pain meds wont even take the edge off. I have tried heat, cold, and even massage. The pain will bring me to my knees. So what to do? Call the ER Dr back and return. Now I did have a small procedure done An injection of steroids was put in my spine. An also a numbing cream to help the disk return to normal. I believe this new pain is just my muscles saying hey we went unused for a week. Which they did.

So the Dr has prescribed me some physical therapoy. Now I have done this while on acive duty, hoever, Ill do it again. Just as long as the paindont get worse. That’s what happened on AD. And drugs, Itry not to rely on them. But he did prescribe me 50 codine pills. Now this should last me severa months. I don take them all the time. I try to save them for those etreme emergencies.

As I type this out, my pain is subsiding. I had a difficult two days trying to walk. Imagine if you will, someone pulling your finger nails out, one by one. That’s the pain I feel in my thigh and calf muscle. I’m trying to push through it so I can return to work Monday. Hell, I’ve been off for almost a week now. But to answer my own questions, I thing I’ll see where no surgery takes me over the next few weeks and see how the leg heals. If it is not better in 2-3 weeks back ill go for surgery,

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