Let the needles hit the nerve

<p class="has-drop-cap Well it finally happened, got a shot of steroids in the l4-5 region. Will it help, only time will tell. So far here has only been a tiny reduction in pain. The Dr want to reevaluate after 24 hours. I was however able to walk for the first time in about five days, such a good feeling to walk on my own.

The procedure itself was quit quick. Had the l4-5 region cleaned and preeped. A small shot of Novocain. After the local takes affect the xray is set to guide the 22 gauge needle to insert the steroid into the region of inflammation. Even this process is painless, did not feel anyhig. After the process was complete I did notice a small reduction in pain. This was probably just the local taking effect. But the long lasting kicked in shortly after. Headed back to the room and took a Morphine which has been helping since I got here. I have grown a huge tolerance to many pain killers. Which sort of sucks.

Anyway my Dr wants to keep me here for 24 hours for observation. If this works, then we are done. If not surgery is the next options. Only time will tell.

If your reading this and your young, take care of your body. Things like this can happen to anyone. If your my age, well hopefully you dont suffer from the same as me. Stretching is a daily thing for me know. Even at work, I set my alarm for periodical stretches. and do they eve feel good.

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