Is it winter yet?

My gosh am I longing for cooler months. Its been over 90 degrees for the last um 4 months. Here we are in September and its still over 90. I don’t know how people can survive in these temps. For real! About the only time I enjoy the heat is when I am near the ocean. And right now I’m not near a ocean. As a matter of fact, its been so hot I saw a dog chasing a cat, they were walking.

So what am I to do? I long for the higher altitudes, high in Rockies. Deep in the forest. However not far from a small city. Big enough to buy supplies. I’d go to a larger one every so often for more advanced supplies. Id still need internet so I can work. I enjoy what I do. And I cant deal with satellite internet, to slow. However I can deal with solar and even a well.

Really though, the city traffic is ridiculous. So many rude and obnoxious drivers. Wish I could just hockey check some of them.

The mountains bring me such a great relief of stress and anxiety. Two aliments that I suffer from after the Army. The clean air also helps with my allergies. The cooler air also helps with my breathing.

I don’t mind the cold. Not a fan of working in it, but don’t mind time in. It keeps you grounded. Keeps you in check. And when the weather is frightful, just stay inside by a warm fire drinking a good cup of coffee. And to see fresh snow falling and covering the landscape, such a relaxing sight.

This could be my home and I’d be very happy.

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