What to do when its 110 degrees outside.

So yesterday it was well intothe 100’s. I took myself to the local grocery dtore to grab some minerl water. The 20 minutes I spent walking outside nearly killed me. Im so from the north and miss my cold weather. One think I reall look forward when we be begin our rv adventure. I think its safe to say we will travel with the 70 degree weather.

Today, Sunday, I was sweating more than Justin Bieber at a pride parade. So my youngest asked me If I wanted to go to a local hockey game where one of her friends was playing. Since its been over a year since we had been to a AHL game, I was game. The arena Im very familiar with. Been there numerous times to free skate. It was so nice to be in cold weather in shorts. and just to watch some hockey, well satisfying.

Cant wait for the next game.

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