Excessive Heat

Why yes I know where I live. Southern Texas. But dam, its hot. Several weeks of above 90 and next week they say over 100. Last week I saw a dog chasing a cat. They were walking. Today, I sit in the 66 degree room watching wintersports on Netflix. I have no desire to venture out in the heat. I feel like i am wasting days of adventure. I long for the cooler temp of the north. I always tell people, I can put more clothes on. Plans are still in the works for full time RV life. However, with the new job, I need to prove myself. Things have been going really well so far, and I’m loving it. Knowing each job I do, I’m ultimately helping a patient in the end.

So how do I combat the extreme heat. Well I drink a ton of liquid. Stay inside when its not necessary to go out. Keep my car parked in the shade. And when it come to thh k9. Walk in the early Am and late PM. I also try to keep him off the pavment. But he’s silly sometimes and likes to walk on the cemement. So we keep those short.

I will make it. If the Army taught me anything, it cant last forever. And embrace he suck. Maybe I should take up outdoor cooking from the hood of my truck!

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