Its funny how a song can bring back memories. Today on the way home was just one of those days. It seemed like every song played on the radio brought me back to yesteryear, I love the feeling of looking back in time. It seems like just yesterday I did not have a czre in the world. And with each song reinforced that feeling. I could almost place myself I the excat moment I heard the song during my historic replay.

TO make it even more memorial, heading out to run errands with my two grown childen, I watchd my daughter sing the songs. Not only does it make me feel old, but proud. She has the same taste in music I have.

And of course before I forget, yesterday my baby girl turned 18 yesterday. I was a bitter sweet day for dad. To know she is now an adult. The good thing is she still is at home for the time being. I know she has big plans and I will do nothing to stop her, just help and encourage her. So much more to come. I cant wait for the future.

We are getting even closer to beginning our country trip. I’m just trying yo build a large nest egg for expenses. I can rely on my 90% disability rating from the VA. But it is a big income source.

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