Let the adventure begin

Well, the time has officially begun to start our next adventure. We have moved out of the rental home and into an extended stay until we take possession of our super C.

The last few days have proven trying for everybody. From cleaning, to packing, to trying to put all this stuff into storage.  What started out as just one 10X30 unit, ended up at four units cramped full of 25 years of stuff.  Its hard to believe one can accumulate so much.  This just makes me so such more exited to live in an RV.  Less accumulation of “artifacts”.  Of course I will keep family heirlooms, but bags of bags, why.  And old notebooks that Jesus used to write the ten commandments.

As excited as I am to begin the next chapter in life, I’m also a little apprehensive. So many memories here, but excited to make new ones.  So as I prepare, for this adventure, I’m also beginning another one.  I begin a new career. I will be working in a medical IT career.   Working with My SQL.  I’m super exited, but also a little reserved.

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