Just want to lead a simple life

Is it too much to ask to live just a simple life? In today’s age of technology, the short, it’s hard. Between cell phones, computers, abets and every other thing we are connected to, it’s hard to, but yet some people do. If it was up to me, I would run a minimalist life when it comes to technology.  Maybe a cell phone for emergency, a pc to record and edit my videos and then post them. With so much technology, it’s a no brainer the world is becoming divided.  So many people are out of tune from the reality that exists around them. As I sit and type this post on my tablet connected to my network.  We are watching TV on a smart tv. I could settle to live deep in the mountains only to return to the city for provisions. I could hike the trails and write on my expeditions.  I could record the entire process and produce my trail hiking show.  Let’s do this.  Should I just downsize to the required gear and supplies. Live in a modest cabin.  Just the bare necessities? I would like to think I could.  Only one way to find out right.

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