Time for a major change

Well somethings in life are just indeed not fair.  For the last 3 years we have rented, well the time has come to move on.  Of course, this is nothing new.  Prior to renting this place we rented.  We moved from there due to the owner selling. And prior to that we rented.  And we m0ved from there because the owner let the home go into foreclosure.  So, this time to avoid the hassle of moving, we are purchasing an RV, we have done our research and decided this is the best avenue for us. Our main deciding factor is the ability to travel.  Also, it gives us more freedom financially.

We have narrowed our search down and are now waiting for a bank to finance us.  This is the part of it I hate the most.  Waiting for a bank to approve our application.  Unfortunately, with my wife and daughter’s recent cancer, so of our debt got a little out of hand.  We have a better control of it now, but we know how banks work.

Stay tuned to hear about RV updates.  I will continue to post my YouTube videos and pod cast so please stay current. Lastly, we are looking for supporters.  As disabled Vet, I do have a limited income.

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