Major Life reconstrution


Life is a series of events, dictated by yourself to reach the desired outcome.  Right now I am about to make a major play rewrite.

When I retired in TX, I thought I would make this home.  However, over the years, I became more and more frustrated with the, well everything.  I didn’t want to move back to MN, just no desire.  I wanted to head north-west to Colorado.  For years I have dreamed of calling there home.  I love to visit and every time I would a part of me was left behind.  Well after months of soul searching and family talks, it might happen.  TX sucks for employment.  And the work you do I find the pay is pathetic. Come on how is anybody going to survive on 13 dollars and hours in today’s world.  Furthermore, I believe I am worth more than that.  So I began to look into Colorado.  Found a whole slew of employment opportunities in finance starting at 80k.  The almost 3 times down here.

Living in Colorado I hope to regain my health. I enjoy the outdoors.  and here in TX its just to damn hard to get out, well at least for me.  I melt.  Anything over 80, I start to get nervous.  Like a vampire in the day.  I believe I was made to live in Colorado, as a home base.  It will give me the ability to still achieve my dreams of world ventures.

So here is where I need the support of my readers, listeners, and viewers.  Donations are the only way I can make this a reality.  As a disabled vet, I live currently on a fixed income. So, moving is going to be a challenge.

I have a few good employment opportunities in the pipeline.  SO… if you are a prayer, I could use that also.

Right now I’m more than determined to live my dream.

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