Wow, its been a little while since I have written here. I’m sorry. Sometimes life gets away from us. I’ve started two other platforms for The Hiking Swede. You can follow me on YouTube and now my podcast. I’m so excited to get this going. I do hope it leads to greater things. I enjoy sharing my experiences from life to others. If I can only help one person, I’ve succeeded!

I’m looking forward to the cooler months here in south Texas.  I can’t wait to hit some of the trails. There was no Colorado trip this year, so I’m itching to be outside.  Its days like these I miss Minnesota.  However, I do look forward to the future.  I hope to be sailing the big blue here in a few years.  And of course, continue my writing and recording efforts for future generations.

Be sure to head over to my podcast link to listen to me.  You can also find the link for Youtube.  As always, hike daily and live life.

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